03 WR 450 wont kick start with the light switch on.

Bought a used WR. Electric start stopped the first day. Now it will not fire with the light switch on when trying to kick start. Is this normal? Do I have some issues?

Maybe its an electrical short in the system, but sounds like a dead battery.

Charge the battery, and try it again. Use a motorcycle battery charger like "battery tender". Read the other thread thats running right now about an 03 WR electrical system.

has your bikes electrical system been modified in any way? does it have a baja design kit on it? i ask that because they were known to have problems when the charging systems were modified.

Thanks guys. It does not have a baja designs kit or anything like that. It does have an LED taillight. Could this be part of the problem?

Make sure you have fuel. Remove sparkplug and see if you have spark. If no spark, Remove the stator cover, check rotor and all of the starter clutch bolts inside of the rotor. Good luck!

Thanks a lot bobsktm. I said it would not start with the light switch on and it would with it off. I think I have fuel and I think I have spark. Thanks for the tip!!!!

The LED tail light, in and of itself, should not cause a problem (they actually draw less power than the standard tail light), but I would look there for wiring problems. It's likely that whoever installed it had too many beers while doing it. (Did I say too many beers? I wasn't sure there was such a thing)

Yes is possible you may have a short somewhere. If the tail light doesn't show anything, just start checking your wires. maybe there is a wire that has pulled out of something or has gotten rubbed bare and is shorting out to the frame or something else. Sounds like wireing though if it will start with the switch off.

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