Wiring in cig./light plug, power wire form key...

I want to wire in my GPS so that power is only on when the key is on - which wire :applause: do I splice into and where is it? Thanks

Well you did not list a bike, that would help! But I would suggest that you wire it so you turn off the unit at the unit and not if the power is dropped. Because you are dealing with a computer based program and they should be only shut down by the unit itself. With that said they power consumption is very low for GPS units and I figure if you stop for about one or two hours it wont make a difference to your battery. The units always draw power just as a computer when stored so cutting the power to unit will cause a un-needed draw on the internal battery and it will not last as long. I supplied power to mine all the time and left the internal batteries in the unit just in case I have a breakdown and need to walk out! Just another safety percaution. If you decide to power it all the time at the point of connection place a fuse at that location. I used a spade fuse that will plug right into the flat connectors that you can buy at any auto parts store. Have fun and be safe!

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