How much do you think...

I am selling my 2002 Yamaha YZ 125 and was wondering how much you all think it is worth. It has 0 hours on the top end and is bone stock besides an aftermarket header and muffler. This bike is excellent condition and runs strong. I have all the extra stuff like stock muffler and header and extra fenders. I just put on a new rear tire and it has been checked after every ride. How much do you think it is worth. I live in Cali.

$2,565 is the KBB value in your area.

When the '05 models came out the value of your bike dropped considerably.

My guess is about 1900-2000 tops. Supply and Demand.

i was thinking 1400-2000 depending ... remember it's only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.

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