Why is the DRZ 400 so popular? 32ppl in forum

You don't have to be an expert to know that wr450fyamaha is an idiot :p:lol::ride::p:p

nope, you gotta be a professional. :applause:

I've ridden the XR650L. It's part of the KLR650/DR650E/XR-L/F650 group of bikes. Great at what they do... not that good off-road...


I am jealous of the DR mileage, though!


The best part aboutr a DRZ...

Even modified with the full Yoshimira Exhaust system, Cam, piston, head/valve and ignition system, it still doesn't come near having the power of a bone stock 1998 YZ400F.

And after all of those expensive mods, it still can't hang with my 53,000 mile bone-stock 1995 XR650L on a long freeway.


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