break-in valve adjustment...

I know the last post said "one more question", but now my brain is starting to work again.... :)

The service manual says to check the valve clearance at the break-in service. The manual also says the break-in period is around one hour.

Does anyone here actually recommend checking the clearance that soon? I can see maybe 10 hours?

Have you guys been finding the clearances out of spec a lot at the break-in?




'01 WR426 - stock for now (except for the throttle stop mod and air box lid removed).


there was this very topic talked about here on the forum about a month ago. you may want to use the search feature to find it. From my recollection just mentioning the topic caused a lot of guys who have been riding much further than the breakin period to check clearance and most of them were still in spec.


If you are like me it always feels better to know for sure. Mine was fine btw


I certainly don't mind pulling the bike apart to check it out....but I will likely wait until around 10 hours before I do it.

I changed the pistons and cams in my Bandit 1200 engine at 2500 miles because I figured I'd already be halfway there by the time I got the tank and valve cover off :)




'01 WR426 - stock for now (except for the throttle stop mod and air box lid removed).

I hate to admit it but I'm one of those guys Mook mentioned who put off checking them. I finally did it this past week at around 500 miles and they were all in spec. Do a search like he said - many posts on this topic with lots of good tips. This sight has been INVALUABLE to me!! :)

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