Replacement front brake lever/bark busters?

Any recommendations for a replacement front brake lever? OEM or an alternate?

Also, recommendations for bark busters?

Cycra Pro-Bend Racer Pack for bark busters.... Can't go wrong. Also Enduro Engineering sells a popular set.

If you're going to buy barkbusters, then don't spend a wad of cash on fancy levers, anything but Ho Chi Minh pot metal is fine. I have the Cycra ProBends with the triple clamp mount and they're bullet proof...SC

Another vote for Cycra Pro-Bend. I have them on my 02 426 with the pro taper bar mount and I am very impressed with the quality :applause: If I crash hard enough to collapse them and break my levers they will be calling a chopper to haul me away :ride:

Thanks for the advice. Time for some shopping!

Thanks for the advice. Time for some shopping!

I bought mine here at the TT store. Their prices are very competitive and have a 110% price match :applause:

cycra probend with triple clamp mount.

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