soften the suspension

hi everybody, i was wondering how i could manage to soften up my suspension front and back. im not real mechanical so i wouldnt be changing springs or oil, just hitting clickers. im not sure which ones to move, or which direction, and how many i could go. its a real slow race course over a rock field. my last race there nearly killed me since i was being kicked all over the place. most people their were telling me to go to the softest settings, or not far from it. i have a wr400f if thats makes a difference. thanks for the help. ed

I have the same bike. Most important thing is to check the sag in the rear and the fork oil level in the front. Depending on your weight, set the oil level high or low. Be sure you use the correct weight oil. Clickers are for fine tuning, keep them in the middle until you have things close.

Hey Ed, How much do you weigh? I weigh a little less than 180 and the chart at the racetech site says that the stock springs are just right if I was racing Supercross. Since I don't race supercross or even motocross, the fork springs are too stiff. I run mine with the compression and rebound out all the way, thats all the way counter clockwise. The rebound adjuster is the screw in the middle on top of the forks. the compression adjuster is in the hole in the very bottom with a black plug covering the screw.

Neil King

Contact Davey Durelle @ Dave is a long time friend and very good at suspensions. Dave has won the Pikes Peak race more than once, was a former AMA GNC Flattrack National Number and besides that he is an all around good guy.

I just had him lower my WR 426 so I could reach the ground. It works Perfectly!


thanks a bunch for the help! i weigh about 170 so im going to set it about the same. people have been telling me how to do it, but their directions just confused me. im primitive when it comes to working on my bike. so your specifics were great, thanks! -ed

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