WR batteries...What are you paying?

I went to get a battery from the Yamaha dealer and they wanted 95 bucks. Is there a cheaper alternative? Please let me know if you have a cheaper place to get a battery and part number. Thanks

Search the web. I remember seeing a Yuasa for $65 and an off brand for $35 about 6 months ago. Yuasa YTZ7S or equivalent.

Thanks bg

I think rocky mountain has them for as cheap as 29

Autozone Carries A Battery That Is Slightly Smaller Than Stock And Works Great It Was Under 40 Bucks, Just Go Look Through The Boxes And Youll Find One At The Store, I Shimmed The Battery With Cork From Walmarts Office Supply Section, No Complaints Here

Do you have the part number on that autozone battery? I know it's been requested before but it seems like nobody can come up with it, leaving those of us around AutoZones that don't have it out of luck. I'd love to have them order one up for me but they say they need a part number to do it.

I Will Post The Number Tomorrow From The Autozone Bat This Afternoon

Oh sweet! I just paid $95 for the Yuasa. GREAT!

Motone82, my price for the Yuasa YTZ7S from Motoworld in El Cajon, CA is $68.76, I do get a great discount from them. If they aren't handy for you, the Tire Express price of $67.99 plus maximum shipping cost of $12.00 would be $79.99. That price is still cheaper than what you just paid. Even my good guy price from a wholesale battery distributor in the San Diego area , was 85.95 plus tax, cash and carry.

Thanks BajaFool

Didn't someone say the Autozone battery has twice the cold cranking amps? How is this determined, my battery doesn't list the CCA's on it that I can find.


AUTO-ZONE BATT. I know its less than 50 bucks and is marginally lighter, and works like a charm for me (03 wr450). :applause:

AUTOZONE BATTERY PART NUMBER? Nothread ahs actually mentioned it yet.

I sure would like to have the button but I guess thats one thing I don't have to worry about on my 02 WR.95$ that seems like a lot for a motorcycle battery.

The battery is a gel type. You can replace with a acid based unit but they can/will leak if you ride hard or find yourself on your side once in a while. Batterymart.com sells a gel type replacement unit for $39.95 plus 10.00 shipping.

I went with the $29 battery from rocky mountain and regret it. The WR needs all the cranking amps it can get and that cheap version is inferior to the yuasa. To make things tougher, I have a yz ex. cam which makes my WR450 harder to start. I just ordered TT's yuasa equivalent for $39 and am told it is just as good as the yuasa. When it gets here, I will post a review.

Just curious, can you swap a WR450 battery with a WR 250 battery? My 250 is dying and I am selling it but need to get a new battery for it. If I buy one I would want to put the new one in my 450 (thus the question) and put the 450 battery in the 250 (still works fine) Any idea? Thanks JP

I think you can put any battery in a 250. Due to the smaller engine, you don't need the higher cranking amps. The 450 is a different story, especially if it is not perfectly jetted, has a yz cam, ect.

:thumbsup: Sounds good !! Thanks

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