I love scotts!!!!!

just came back from cal city after mounting a scotts stabilizer I bought on ebay....holy crap what a difference this was my 3rd trip to ride my bike and damn. I went on 11/5, and on long straight aways I was going about 55mph then slowed to 40 when I hit sand (cuz sand is scary when your new). today after dialing in the satbilizer i was able to go 65mph no matter what (sand, hard pack, soft soil). It turns a novice into a pretty confident rider when set up. I hope to increase my skills alot now that i dont worry about the front end anymore. GET ONE!!!!!!!!! :applause:

scotts is one of the "must have" mods IMO :applause:



Once you ride with a steering stabilizer your bike (and get used to it,) it'll be impossible to ride without one and feel safe :applause:



what is it that is so good?

what does it do that make you love them?

sounds like I gotta get one

Thanks guys!! Being a Scot it makes me smile to hear you guys bigging the Scottish :applause:

And after all most of the US is of Scots origin anyway so it goes to say that you are big fans.



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