What wheels fit a YZ450?

My brother just got a YZ450 and it has 17" wheels on it. He wants the 19/21's for some dirt tires instead. Will the wheels off a YZ125 or 250 fit the 450?

yeah. You will just need to make sure you have the right wheel spacers.

So if I can find some cheap yz125's on ebay, all he will need is some spacers made? I mean, the axles will be the same width? Right?

99-present work with the spacers for the year of the wheel

Keep in mind that the YZs all have 19" rear wheels. The 125 and 250Fs use the narrower 19x1.85 wheel for the 100-90-19 tires. The 250 and 4xx bikes use the 19x2.15 rear wheels for use with the 110-90-19 tires.

so it would be better to get the 2.15 rear? The wider the better in the dirt, right?

The wider the better in the dirt, right?
No, the rim needs to be the right width for the tire size used. A 450 needs a 110/90, which in turn needs a 2.15 to mount properly.

So for a usable fit I should go with the 2.15. Right? I've never owned a YZ, only a DRZ, and that not for very long. For this to work with my brothers bike I NEED the 2.15. is this correct?

Either will work, you'll just burn the smaller one faster.

If you have a choice go for the 2.15. If you have no choice you'll live either way.

My brother just got a YZ450

Use that answer you have and go back to my previous post. Not to hard to match up what you need if you read what is posted!

Sory. Kenny's just freaking out, and it's bleeding over to me.

Suzuki wheels will go on YZs same width and axle size rear caliper will work too

there you are wrong. my brother's wheels off his 2005 DRZ400SM will NOT fit on my YZ450. His rear axle is a totally different size. His front fits fine.

To save yourself a headache later, get the right wheels the first time and let me know if he'd be interested in selling the 17's.

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