Need Advice For Jetting My 2004 WR450

Is it getting hotter there??? What is the temp?

I ride at about sea level to about 200'. It is really humid here and about 90 degrees.

I had to go leaner on the needle about 2 weeks ago. I am using jd red #4 clip now.

168 main should be right but you might want to try 165 as well with the stock exhaust.

GET A ZIP-TY FUEL MIXTURE SCREW NOW IF YOU DON'T HAVE ONE!!!! You have to pull off your carb to get to the stock sucker to adjust it.

You might have to go red needle 4th clip, but try 5th clip as well. You can tell the difference between them.


here in the AZ desert I ride in temperatures anywhere from 65 to 90 +. ELevation is about 500 to 1000. Not humid this time of year. Lately it's been between 20% and 50% humidity. I got the 48 pilot and the 168 main jet installed tonight. I'm going to hold off on the needle and it's e-clip setting cause I don't know which needle, (Red or Blue) and e-clip setting to go with. My stock main was a 165 and pilot #45 with stock e-clip setting at #4

Thanks to all on this WR forum for helping me properly jet my 04 WR450. Here is what I have now, JD jetting 168 main, red needle with #4 e-clip position, 48 pilot, twin air filter and Zip - Ty fuel screw turned 1 1/2 turns out. My WR flat our rips and pulls the front wheel up very easily in 2nd 3rd and 4th gear, and runs so much smoother. WOW what a differance all this has made. Thanks again everyone. I'm very impressed with my upgrade!

Great to hear!

I can remember that day when I unleashed the fury on my blue wonder, what a day!

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