fork bridge

for some reason the top fork bridge on my 2000 650r has become slightly off square to the bike .when the bridge is square to the tank it seems the wheel is pointing slightly to the left . when riding on the highway and the bike is strait and upright it looks like the right bar clamp is closer to tank than the left . would this be due to the forks twisting in the clamps ,they are both still at the same height . it would be much appreciated if someone could shed some light on this problem .its the first time ihave posted. been sitting inthe shaddows for a while , I reckon TT is top stuff .

It's usually just a twist in the fork clamps, after dropping it. I just put the front wheel up against a tree and tap it back straight. I know it sounds harsh but I've done it plenty of times before without any problems.

If you want to be extra careful you could loosen the triple clamps just a bit and twist it back straight, by holding a leg each side of the front wheel and pushing on the bars. Then just tighten em up again. Be sure not to overtighten the clamps though as the threads can be stripped if you get too heavy handed.

Welcome to TT Symo,

Mine was like that as well. Put the bike on a stand so the front can hang free. Not too high as you don't want your forks to slide out. Loosen your upper and lower clamp bolts on both sides. No too loose or your forks may slide out. Hold the front wheel between your knees and move your bars back and forth gently, a few times until it is straight. Tighten all bolts to the proper torque. Then test it out! :applause:

Thats all there is to it. And it will most likely happen again.

Thanks for your help .fellas much appreciated.

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