TrickDualSport Convertsion from KTM to XR

I have successfully converted my TrickDualSport kit for my KTM to work on both the KTM and the XR650R!

I now have hi/low bean and turn signals for both machines.

I still have to re-wind to get ride of the flashing head light when I am at idle and have a turn signal on. Yet besides that it works great!

I highly recommend this product!

I have had it on the KTM now for three years and have gone all over the US with it and it has never let me down!

I now have hi/low bean and turn signals for both machines.

Watch out for those high beans. They will put your eye out. :applause:

my beanie has a propeller

pics man! post some pics!

Its a TrickDualSport kit on a XR650R --

I did speak to the owner and he gave me advice on how to make it work better.

I will have to say, they are the most customer focused company I have encountered in a long time. Reminds me of the old cycle shops I use to visit with my father as a boy. You stop in and they know your name and will help you any way they can.

Its on the KTM in this photo:


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