Edelbrock carb questions

I have a stock (uncorked) 2003 XR650R

I would like to change the carb for a little better throttle response.

Is this pumper carb a worthwhile option for a stock engined bike?

Cost? who from?

Easy install?

Part #?

How to adjust?

I'm a newbie. :applause: help!

Check out the thread titled "abrupt throttle response XR650R".

it sounds like the cat's meow.

Is there a part # specific to the XR650R?

I know they make them for harleys and sudco carries them.

Just not sure which one to get.


This guy will help you out: Barnum's

I've also bought my carb kits from Barnums. The kits are complete and ready to go :applause:

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