Really stiff clutch

Is anybody elses clutch insanely hard to pull and engage? The clutch works just dandy but the lever is SUPER hard to pull in. When I first got it, I lubed my clutch cable and that made it only a little easier to pull. Has anybody had this problem as well? Do I need a new cable? The bike is in my sig.

I took my cable on my 426 and rerouted it by the radiator and followed the frame to take out as much of the turns and bends in the cable as I could. That helps a bit. Then I bought one of those MSR Raptor adjustable clutch levers that have the three different holes you can put the cable in. Now that made a big difference if you know the product I'm talking about.

Try those and lube it again and you'll be happy! :applause:

two tips...if you do them will have a clutch that is as easy to pull as a YZ125.

First, do the lever mod. It's a easy and fast to do...and CHEAP :applause:

Second, go to Yamaha and buy a clutch actuator arm for a 1998 YZ400F (about $36). Install in on your 426.

And lastly, lube the cable really well.

After doing these will love it!

Actuator Mod and Lever Mod post on ATM

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