Pro-Seal for WR450?

Does anyone know if there is a Pro-Seal or something like it for the WR450? I checked a website selling them and they have them for the following models:

YZF400 ('98-'05)

YZF426 ('98-'05)

YZF450 ('98-'05)

WR400 ('98-'02)

WR426 ('98-'02)

which makes me think the electric start changed the shape of the air filter and they don't fit the 03 and newer bikes. Does anyone know if that's true? Is there another product that can be used in place of grease on the air filter? I'll grease it if I have to but if I can spend $10 and have something that works just as well without the mess I'd prefer it.

yes in 03 the wr filters changed due to the battery,i use a liberal coating of belray filter lube(the blue sticky stuff) it sux as a filter lube but works great for sealing the lip! and it sinks into the foam so it doesn't make a mess.. i use a spray on for the filter.

I have a bottle of the belray (the previous owner gave it to me) and I had no idea it wasn't a decent filter lube. It is a bit of a pain in the ass, I'll have to give the spray on stuff a try.

Check page 1007 of the 2005 Parts Unlimited catalogue in the TT store. I got it for my bike and it fits well on my 2003 WR450.

It's strange since they don't list the '03+ WR450 on the PC Racing website?

Thanks for the link.

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