Airbox opening size

Does anyone know what the airbox opening size is on WR400/426? Is it 3x3 inches?

Just wondering. Thanx in advance. :)

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Anyone? HELP

with or with out the lid?


Without the lid. thanks

roughly 7 X 5 its kind of an irregular shape

ballistic, do you have something trick in mind? fill us in.


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Is it really about 7x5 inches? Wow.

Well the trick thing I have in mind is I am comparing it to the DRZ airbox which is only 3x3 inches with snorkel ripped out. I suspect the DR could benefit with better breathing and a richer MJ maybe.

Because the DRZ has the same 39mm FCR as a WR, I took James Deans' advice awhile back and tryed out...

100 pilot air

48 pilot jet

1.5 turns on pilot screw (fuel screw)

EKP clip #3

200 main air jet

160 main jet (BigGun Exhaust)

This setup livened up the midrange. I wonder if the airbox was more open if that allow me to try #162 or #165MJ's?

A little off the WR topic, I know, but heck... consider it a form of flattery

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