Uni or Twin Air?

I now have a bike for everyone in the family, my 87 XR600, wifes 00 Polaris Scrambler 400, daughters 06 Yamaha TTR125 and other daughters 06 E-ton Viper 150. Now to make them all live longer I want to put better air filters in them. I would prefer to use the same brand for all of them since I believe in using the same brand of filter oil as the filter and that would make life so much simpler. No one seems to have a filter for the E-ton yet but Uni and Twin Air make them for all the others. Is there a difference between the two? They appear to be very close to the same construction and only slightly different in price with the Twin Air being a couple bucks higher.



stock is best

yep, stock is the way to go.

Uni, Imo

I have always believed that either stock or Twin Air will provide the best engine protection and that Uni may flow slightly better. So I always go with stock or Twin Air. I have never liked the Mickey Mouse Uni plastic frame that comes with some Uni filter models.

I use K&N on my XR650R and all of my Quads

I've been running UNI's for years and years. No issues

my bike came with 2 new stock filters, good enough.

UNI :applause:

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