You gotta see this...

Man that is a true textbook faceplant! Those just cant' be taught :applause:

Sounds like a little trooper though. How old?

Hes 7 and its his first bike and was his second ride. Took 2 years too talk the wife into buying him a bike

I was just lucky to have caught his spill on camera..he he

Ha Ha Ha!!! He rides just like you!!!! :p Way to go Lil' Justice!!!! :ride:

Man I miss riding with you guys! Keep up the good work Jim :applause:

the good ol days

I can remember my father teaching (or getting a good laugh) what not to do when riding.

He and a friend stood on the other side of a ditch that had a flat side (thier side) and my father told me to cross the ditch. I said, "But Dad?" and he said no buts just do it. Being seven I trusted him. Moments later I was face planted against a wall of dirt and all he could say is "Now you know how it feels to fall, Don't do it again!".

A father's love is priceless!

I have a little 3 spd auto Kaw KLX110. Was my sons first bike and now my daughter rides it. We were out riding one day and she (probably 9yrs old then) watched me jumping this little foot high bump and decided she would try it. She hit it w/ too much speed and made the mistake of not standing up. When the rear wheel hit the seat bucked her up and over the bars so that her face was right on the front fender. She was still hanging onto the grips and her feet were about where here head should've been had she been in the seat. :p

Somehow she managed (with much kicking and leg flailing) to get back on the seat without crashing. :ride::applause:

We both had to get off the bikes and lay in the grass and laugh. Wish I had that one on video..


Man that is awesome!!!

The best part for me is the fact that he is wearing the proper gear. It is now a funny memory. It could have been a tragedy without proper gear.

I'll second that !!! :applause:

Can I put that picture on the home page of: Yahoo KidBike? ? I run that group and think it would be a great picture


Sure Man ! Would be cool..he he

If you put any words with it please credit "Austin in San Diego" that way I can show him the site later..thanks Bdub'

Heres a few more, the thumbs up was on his next pass after the crash telling me he was ok :applause:

He has all the gear, except MX boots, he just uses good work type boots for now, but does wear elbow and knee guards under jersey/pants also. :ride:

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