Anyone work @ yamaha on here?

basically my local dealers cant answer my question,iam gonna sell my 2006 wr450 digital speedo setup(because of ther motard setup)i dont want to jack the price on it or lose my ass on it.can someone shed some light on what its worth?

it will be the whole setup ready to bolt on with 15kms on it.

let me know so i can list it.


think of it this can get a trailtech for about 60 i dont think anyone is gonna pay more than that for it...

Hey Bomax, If it will fit my '05 WR 450 I will take it for $40 :applause:

just change the percentage so it reads acuratly.

its on page 1-16 on your service manual

17 inch sportbike tire is smaller, so you use a percentage, like 83%

stock 100% tire size is 700mm. my pirelli diablo's on my Z1000 has a front tire height of 620mm. so it is 88% of the stock height size.

hit SLCT1 and RST button for 2 seconds or more

push SLCT1 for plus %, or SLCT2 to lower %. The : sign indicats a decimal point

after selecting the appropriate % hit SLCT1 and RST for 2 seconds or more till it stops flashing


and whamo, you have a backlit, bike powered speedo that is accurate with 17 inch rims, or a quick change to go back to full size.

So please don't sell it. if you need more help, email me at and I will give you some more help. this speedo is one reason I bought the 06 WR, because mine is gonna go on the street soon. and maybe a second set of rims with good sportbike rubber.

Bomax, $ 45 :applause:

i got $46 on it.

Too late guys, I PM'd him before you guys even could react so I got first dibs...wahahahahaha :applause: ...SC

hey guys... nice one!its not about calibrating,its about it runs off the same hub as the 05's etc... so its a speedo drive like any other with a wire in the housing instead of a cable,my talon hubs dont have it on the motard setup....go buy a trail tech then for yer 70 bucks..i aint looking to get rich here.just want to know iam not given it away.

an auction would be cool though......


hook me up. I live in BC.

i will trade you for my trailtech.

Anyone know where I can get my hands on a '06 WR digital speedo?

I'm keeping mine!!!!!!!!! get yer own!!!!!!!!!!

good luck

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