Head Work

On the Mojave Road Death Ride last weekend, old faithful developed a rather loud ratta tatta tatta noise and accompanying vibration that varies with engine RPM. Some poking and prodding with the handy mechanic's stethescope indicates right hand main bearing, so the engine's coming out and coming apart.

The scoot has about 3000 miles on it, and the center intake valve is getting a little tight (1.30 shim), so I guess it's time to replace valves and springs, and get a valve job done. Can anyone in the So Cal (Palmdale, Santa Clarita, San Fernando, Ontario, etc) area recommend a good shop for this kind of basic work? I don't need any damage repaired, the cam journals are well within spec, and nothing's really SNAFU'd, I'm just looking for a good quality valve job without getting reamed.

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