06 yz450 news?

Come on you west coast guys. I know someone out there has some news on when the new bike will be hitting the showrooms. Anything, Bueller? My local dealer is getting sick of my calls. Give me something!! :applause:

I got mine yesterday!

Are you telling me that you have in your garage a 2006 yz450f? Don't be messing with me.

no, but thinking about it sure gets the blood flowing dont it?

That's not right. :applause:

My dealer told me last Friday that the trucking company has mine and that it will be delivered tomorrow 11-15. Can't wait!

I just came from Snake River Yamaha in Meridian, ID and they had their first 2006 yz450f sitting there on the showroom floor. It was tagged as sold to one of the parts guys, Jamie. So, I have seen it and they do exist! Couldn't talk him into letting me use for Mesquite this weekend till mine comes in though. Dang!

Does it have the powerbomb header pipe like the Australian one?

They're suppose to be in tomorrow

I had mine for a week now, sucks to be you!

dude don't gloat... you aren't 10, are you? lol

Ok, I finally picked up my new yellow yz450 tonight. I can't believe it is actually sitting in my garage. Finally!

hey you guys that have them are lucky im first on the waiting list for my yellow 06 and my dealer told me today late feb early march..

im going crazy

Picked up mine Tues., havent ridden it yet, too much rain and snow and rain again. I bought mine in Eugene, Oregon. 06 YZ450F SE

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