1st post, wanted to say hi

just wondering when you all think that the yz450fs are going to hit the showrooms. dealers say november. Im guessing november 18th. anyone else wanna guess dates?

Also, anyone know who is developing a pro moto billet style, rivet on spark arrestor for the 06 yzfs? I am not going to buy an fmf just to ride the ohv parks when I can pay $100 and keep the oem exhaust which I like the fit of

Welcome to the forums. If the exhaust can is the same as the 05' then you can use an 05' pro moto billet cap. Dubach Racing (Dr. D) also makes a kit like this. I guess we'll know more once the bikes are available. :applause:

Welcome to the board.

I highly doubt they will be on the showroom in 3 days from now.I will say they will be there December 11th.

Welcome to TT, you came to the right place. as to the '06 450 someone waiting on an LE 450 posted that he was informed by the dealer that mid December was the earliest they had been promised. No real clue as to when though. :applause:


Hey Mummer, i am in the same boat as you, I am waiting for my new bike and want to hit the trails as soon as I get it. I've looked at both and I'm leaning towards the DR D for the slightly lower price, however that said, I think the FMF Q or Q2 is going to be lighter than the stock pipe and with the sound restrictions I face in my riding areas, they are quieter as well. They are highly regarded by fellow TT'rs who trail ride, or so i've been told! :applause:

Hope the bikes show up soon!


I saw a few posts here that indicated the 450 were here and someone had one out already and given a ride report. You might cruise the fourms and read up. Good luck with the new scoot when you do get it home.


I highly doubt they will be on the showroom in 3 days from now.I will say they will be there December 11th.

Wow, that sucks.

They are already on the showroom floors here in Vegas.

HIya! Welcome!

dude i was so right on my date. dealer called me today and said that the bikes were in only to find out neither is mine, unless one of the buyers backs out which i doubt. good thing i have a deposit at another dealership which is expecting its shipment on monday. monday is going to be the longest workday of my life.

They are here locally as well, we should have a test bike in the next few days. We may know of someone who is going to produce a rivet on, Pro Moto Billet style spark arrestor. We will keep you posted. :applause:

Yes please, I want one with a quiet insert. I have good experiences with your products and service. :ride:

Cool thanks, Pro Moto Billet. I guess ill be on standby and have to run from the rangers until you let me know. Ill buy direct because distrubutors take too long.

I'm in the same boat. I have a SE that should be here any day and want to have a spark arrestor when it get's here. Dr. D has a complete system from the head pipe back for $515 and for $35 more you can add the Quiet insert to lower the Db's. This all seems a bit hight for me to spend on a muffler. Pro Moto Billet should have one out very soon...see the e-mail response I received from them today. I agree a $100+ end cap is much easier for me to swallow. Good luck

We should have those very soon... maybe within the week. We will keep you


Thank you,

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