What Tools/Accessories ?

I'm in a frenzy...I get my 99 baby this week!

3 Questions....

1)"Must have" tools for the garage

I want to be able to do general maintenance, jetting, tire changes etc maybe even go so far as doing the YZ timing thing on my own, but will probably draw the line at the "how the &"%? do I get this thing back together again" type tinkering !

I already have a reasonable selection of standard tools; socket wrenches, wrenches, allen keys, pliers, screwdrivers etc etc.

2) Recommended 'service' manual ?

2)"Must have" tools & accessories for the TRAIL


Dear Swiss Missile, get a flywheel puller and take the magneto / stator off as soon as you can. If you find metallic residue or pieces of broken off gear as I did mine DO NOT BUY, return the bike. Make sure you go over this with the seller first. I got excited too when buying my '99 and had to rebuild almost eveything. Now I have to split the cases and redo the crank / rod. Be very prpared to walk away from the bike and please try to look at as many as possible. I made the mistake of buying the first one I saw. I am smart enough to know better but got emotional and wanted, wanted. I got a bad deal.

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Garage: Torque wrench(es); NoToil air filter and cleaning/oiling/greasing products; *two* 22mm (pretty sure) deep sockets to get the linkeage bolts out of the swingarm; long, strong tire irons; good lighting; bike stand/milk crate; chain breaker; air compressor; magnet; latex gloves...

Trail pack: enough drinking water, special spark plug tool and something to turn it; spark plug; enough tools to take the tank off to change the plug (10, 12mm sockets and a long extension for my IMS); 8, 10, 12mm etc. sockets and/or wrenches; bailing wire; duct tape; pliars (needle nose, channel lock, vice grips - miniature versions); screwdriver(s); first aid kit; matches; powerbars; space blanket; tow strap; flashlight; water purification tablets or filter...

Just something to get you started. I'm still learning and adjusting my garage and pack. I've gone from carrying next to nothing while riding to carrying too much, now working my way back towards the middle. The pack gets heavy quick.

Try to get a seperate set of tools for each space so that you don't have to break your pack open in the garage, and accidentally leave something important behind.

Good luck!




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