Sound on Stock 05 WR450 Pipe

Has anybody raced AMA event and had a sound test on the uncorked stock pipe?

Any guesses if it would pass 96db?? I've heard 96.5 :applause:

The 2005 WR stock pipe is well below 96 db with the "baffle within the baffle" drilled out. Just to give you an idea I heard a big dub with the stock pipe with that pea shooter drilled out and it was quieter than another WR 450f with the Q2. Not sure how loud the stock pipe is with the pro moto "stinger" replacement

It will pass the sound test with no problem. Fer kicks I had my stock pipe checked at an AMA event and the testers laffed and told me to get outta there. I think it registered a 92 !!!!!!

A stocker with a quiet is cool insert tested at 94db at a local race here in AZ.

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