Edelbrock problem/solution

My Edelbrock starting pouring fuel out of the vent tubes even while the bike was running. I assumed it was a defective needle and seat or possibly spoke with Edelbrock tech support and they suggested the needle and seat. I was sent a replacement needle and seat but when I took the float bowl off it didn't appear to be the same piece. I spoke with the tech support and requested them to take a look at the carb. Turns out my needle and seat WAS defective and they also completely rebuilt the carb. I was very satisfied with the customer service Chris Silva provided. My carb was waiting for me on my front porch when I got home from work yesterday. I have had my carb over 1 year so I wasn't expecting everything to be done at no cost to me.

:applause: Edelbrock customer service.

Yeah, Chris is cool. I was missing the needle adjuster and the tab for the idle adj. cable wasn't chased on the threads, so he sent me new ones same day. Very happy.

What are you guys doing with your stock carbs?

I kept my stock carb as a backup if needed.

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