XR650R rear shock spring

Does anyone have a stock rear shock spring for XR650R? Just purchased used bike and rear spring is way too stiff.

Thanks, Singlefire

You adjusted the pre-load right?

Yes preload is adjusted, previous owner changed the spring.

How big a guys was previous owner (weight) and what do you weigh? Maybe you can work out a swap with somebody. Better yet, do you know the rate of the spring that's on there?

I might be interested in a swap if it would work for my weight? Which spring is it?

The previous owner weighs less than I do, I weigh about 200lbs. He set the bike up for super moto. I do not know what spring is on now, but a friend has a XR650R with stock spring and they are not the same. I have already had an offer to exchange my spring for stock one from "Kehale" I told him that sounded great. Thanks

I think you'll be dissapointed with the stock spring(sorry kehale). At 200lbs. you'll be around 210 geared up and require at least a 10.0kg spring. Stock is 9.0-9.5 I believe and is sprung for 165-170.

I have a fairly new stock spring...Give me $40 plus shipping and its yours. I'm leaving for baja today so I would be able to ship it to you next Monday.


I have a stock spring, its yours for $35 plus shipping and I am not leaving for Baja so I can ship it soon. Sorry Baja Rudy but this is business.

Also have stock front springs, seals and valving. Yours for $20.

Baja Rudy and XR/CR DAVE, Sorry guys I've had two offers for free exchange. I accepted the first offer to trade my spring for his, am waiting for his reply. Thanks Singlefire


I'm going to mail it out to you today.

It's a new spring. it's only use was holding the rear end up on the showroom floor.


I just sent mine in for new springs and valving. I should have it back in about 7 days. If you have not found one by then I will swap you If you can get a little more info on it . Mine is stock from a 2004 xr650r.

I am around the 200lb mark and fitted a H/D 11.0kg spring as i have the bike in supermoto trim mostly and it makes all the diffference in the world. No squat under acceleration.

I would stick with the heavier spring and the standard is for mice.

I would like to get my suspension set up for my weight (270lbs). Who and how much would I except to pay.

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