Comparison 02 250F to an 01 426

What is the differnce between an 02 YZ250F and an 01 YZ426F?

I know the 426 will be heavier and have a lot more power. What what is the seat of the pants differnce? Ergos, cornering, jumping, that kind of stuff.

I've heard the engine breaking is a minus, any specifics or is it not much different than my 250?

I want the power, but not at the expence of ridablity.






Got it?


I went from an 02 426 to a 06 250F....

I know these aren't the years you said, but I can tell you that the difference is pretty dramatic. The 250F is was down on power, more than I realized in stock form. But what you loose in power you definately gain in handling. I never felt comfortable coming into loose turns and off camber on the 426. The bike wants to go straight. The 250F can really turn well and its really confidence inspiring. The biggest difference is the breaking. You can really shut down the 250F fast, the 426, not so fast, it keeps pushing, and pushing hard. There is a big differnce between the bikes, both have their ups and downs. Id take handling over brute power. But I miss the power in those certain occasions that you wish it was there, like clearing doubles etc... You have to figure out what kinda riding you will be doing, what kinda skills you have, and do you want to sacrafice power for handling. Notice I didn't say speed. Chances are, you could be faster on the 250F, it just handles that much better.

Thanks yak!

I did the opposite, I went from an '01 426 to an '02 250F, then back to an '02 426. Ergos are the same. I went to the 250f mainly becuase of weight and handling. The 250 handled much better and was easier to toss around. The only thing I missed was the power, that's why I eventually went back to a 426. It all depends on the type of riding you're doing. I do a mixture of MX, desert. I need a bike that is more versatile, even if that means I have to put up with a little excess weight. In the desert I was always pinned on that 250F. If you are doing just track riding, the 250F is the way to go. The 426 is a more do-it-all type of bike, IMO. Either way, you can't wrong with Yamaha reliablility :applause:

Just my .02

I have a 00' 426 and 05' 250F. The ergos are different with the 250 being significantly smaller feeling. Seat height seems to be about the same. As far as overall handling, the 250 will run circles around the comparison. As mentioned, braking is far better on the 250 in most MX situations as you can brake much later and jam it into a corner. The 426 can be better on long bermless sweepers as engine braking lets you "back it in" smoothly and the meaty torque gets you slingshotting out of the apex and down the next straight. Thats what I enjoy most about the 426 on grass tracks and open fields. The 426 can be muscled easily, but it will wear me out quickly. Smoothness is key. The 250 doesn't tire me out half as quickly. In the air, the 426 is fine as long as your jump is done well. If you get the nose up or down too much, a mid-air correction is difficult. The 250 loves to fly.

For me, the 250 is the better bike. It has enough power and is just more fun to ride. The power of the 426 is a thrill but the chassis can be a handful. I took both to the track a few weeks ago to ride them back-to-back. The 426 is for sale cheap now. If it doesn't sell, oh well, it's still a major blast to tear around on.

Ok guys, thanks for your answers. I think I will stick with my 250F because I ride alot of moto and it is usually tight or rutted. Besides, I get tired fast enough as it is.

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