YZ 400 Stator question

I've got a question about a stator from the 99 yz400 model stator. I recently purchased a 98 400 and absolutly love it! The problem is I no longer have anywhere to ride often and would like to guy a conversion kit so I could also ride it on the road. I have acess to a 99 stator but am not sure how to go about putting it on my 98. Is this even possible? Would i be able to use the stator cover from the 99 model, or is this just an impossible task? Thanks for any advise!

Im assuming you are talking about a WR stator.. You need that and the flywheel to put a light on the bike.


The 99 and 98 part numbers are the same. You dont need to buy anything more than the flywheel and the stator. No cover. You will need a flywheel puller for the one thats on it. Dump the oil before you start, so grab some oil and a filter while youre at the dealer. I had good luck with the Moose harness out of Dennis Kirk.


Its cheap enough and easy to route. The one I bought had brake switch plug ins if thats important to you. After that, its just a matter of buying a headlight and tailight. I went with the WR headlight from the dealer, and the tailight from UFO out of Dennis Kirk. Good luck, it should only take a couple hours.

Yes what he said you want a WR 426 stator and flywheel. The 426 puts out 130 watts where the wr400 only had 75 watts.

You will have to do a slight mod to the stator. Float the ground I think, to make it compatable with the yz cdi.

Contact www.electrexusa.com that is where I got my wr stator/flywheel setup for my yz400. They know there stuff.

Electrex has a pdf on there site on how to float the ground on the stator also.

I floated the ground when I put the DS kit on the bike, but for the trailsport kit, I had to change it. I would contact electrex as to exactly what to do, they make the harness for Moose, so you will have no problems getting good info from them. I had to contact them when I changed to the trailsport set up. I think I basically undid what I had done to modify the stator in the first place. BTW, If you want to go with signals and horn, I have a like new Dakar DS kit that wasnt on the bike long at all -cheap! PM me if interested.

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