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valve adjustments and replacements

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i work at a motorcycle shop here in temecula, and i have a lot of customers that come in wanting to know when they should replace their valves and springs....my answer is you should replace the valves when they are cupped from slapping the valve seats....then their next question is when should they adjust them and when should they replace the springs....well, i have ridden 4-strokes, but i do not own one so i have not experience this hassle yet lol....therefore i cannot give an accurate and truthful answer for every situation....most of my customers are honda customers, but we sell kawi's, suzuki's, and yamaha's also....can someone please give me a ballpark time to change springs, adjust the valves, or replace the valves?? i'd like to save someone from blowing up their engine before theyre able to do an adjustment or replacement of these vital parts....thanks guys!

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