450 vs 250

Looking to make a new purchase. Heavy rider, 6'5" 245. East Coast riding. I like the WR450, but not sure if I should go with the 250. I want to ride enduro's/dual sports but be able to ride a hare scramble if I wish.

Help me decide please.

IMO for your size and the type of riding you want to do, go with the 450 :applause:

I am 6'5" ,about 230. I have the 450 and am happy with it. I do mainly woods riding. My friend has a 250 and sometimes wishes for more power. I on the other hand wish the bike was a little lighter, the 450 weighing in heavier than the 250. All in all I am glad I bought the 450, nothing like having a little more power on tap.

My buddy had a 04WR250 for his first bike and after about 6 months was craving the power of a 450 and upgraded to the WR450 2004. We live out in the wide open Nevada desert, if we were in the woods he may still be with the 250.

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