Conditions @ Mendocino NF

yesterday we rode 50 miles of trail out of Middle Creek/CC Camp - conditions were freakin' awesome. Clear sky, mid 40's, no dust - in fact, puddles in the shade still had ice on them.

Stonyford should be just as good this weekend....

The wife & I will try to go back to Middle Creek tomorrow (Sat) and ride over to Stonyford from there to say 'hi'.

Hope everyone has a safe & enjoyable New Year's weekend.


Hi Brian

Missed you at stonyford, we did a run over to the upper lake side on sat,amd back to stonyford 80 miles geart trials nice and wet but sunny mid 60s you will have to hook up and go camping with us.All the wifes went also and road to the upper lake side on sunday,fire roads and some trils all in all lots of fun.



Figured you all had a great time....

Anja & I ended up going to Cow Mtn on Monday for a short ride. Only my second time there & it seems to be pretty good area - a bit closer than Middle Creek.

Couple of ?s for you:

1: what tires are you using for Stonyford/Middle Creek area?

2: have you had any problems with your Patio hauler trailer? Would you buy another one? What would you do differently if you were to configure another trailer? Have you had any problems getting your trailer - 33ft? - into the camping areas that you ride out of?

email me at


Brian you got mail


Brain trouble with e-mail call me at work 707-446-4066


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