XR650R suspension on street?

I've recently acquired a jones for a lightweight bike with a long-travel suspension for the tight, bumpy paved roads that are in abundance near my home. I'd also like to take it on the freeway if necessary and be able to explore fire roads occasionally, too.

I found a plated, uncorked, powered-up XR650R with 90/10 tires for sale that I'm considering. If I add a bigger front brake this would seem to fit the bill for what I'm looking for.

However, I'm over 200 lbs. and with a sportbike background I'm wondering if I'll likely be unhappy with the stock suspension for fast riding on tight pavement.

Anyone my size ride an XRR in these conditions? Will I be looking for suspension upgrades immediately to suit my weight and perhaps lower the bike?

I'm getting a bit concerned that this project is going to turn into a money pit: brakes, bigger tank, fork brace...then suspension and maybe 17" wheels....

The current springs available from Race Tech are for dirt riding and are really too soft for street riding even the stiffest one they list for the XR, thats what I have and I weigh about the same as you.....dual sport may be OK.

I have the bike Motarded, and as you mentioned it is money hungry!

I bought it, rode it in the dirt here in the Southeast, tree picking woods and the big XR are not really well suited, IMHO.

Decided to build a motard, put a QS carb on, 17" motard wheels, front brake kit, stainless brake line, light kit, pipe, air box mod with cover, taller gearing.....bike is a blast to ride but does not handle as well as I would have liked on the street or track.

We had a local trackday and a company called GMD Computrack was there to help some the road racers get there bikes setup. I paid to have the bike checked on the laser jig system they have to find out what I could about the bike. No problems other than we are trying to make a dirt bike turn and handle like a sportbike. The results were to put more trail in the front end, that was taken out by changing from a 21" to 17" wheel.They said by installing adjustable triple clamps, shortening and re valving and respringing the front and rear suspension the bike would be a killer on the street or track and a one of a kind! Total cost $2500.00 :ride:

I have over $5000.00 in the bike as it is, if I had the money to do it I might think about it because the bike is sooo good on the shorter tracks in my area, Barbers Motorsports Park is one. It is a reliable and strong runner without any internal motor work. The bike rips off the turns and gives new 600 sport bikes all they want, down the longer straights it is another story though.....they say adios!

So my next step is to install the original wheels with Michelin Sirac tires and ride the Beast again on the street as a dual sport and see how it does. If does not blow me away with a big grin everytime I ride it, I will be selling this beauty and finding something else.

In short ride it and let this free info help guide you in the direction you may want to go! There are alot of people that love the big XR in any condition street, desert, dualsporting.....I love the bike but it needs to fill a need. :applause:

The 650R will at first seem like a money pig. It will cost a little more than you think. Part of the problem is that you will enjoy it so much that you will want to do more and more to it, not all of which will be necessary especially if you are not going to race it.

Necessary - wheels, brakes, lights, lighting coil, speedo,

NIce but not necessary - steering damper, fork brace, handguards, springs, tank, pipe, springs and valving. This is what will add up.

the bike is great fun, huge grin factor. You may end up with as much in it as a KTM 625 SMC or Husky already built. I do not regret bulding mine at all.

I'm only a thousand away from being totally happy for a little while .love riding to work 4 am thats when i practice my wheelies fun fun fun !!!!!!!

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