cracked fuel tank

does anybody know of any problems with the 2001 426 fuel tank cracking? My bike is just 2 months old and while removing the tank (to cut the grey wire) I noticed a crack above the left radiator cover. No crashes that should have caused this. Any advice?

This is the first one I've heard of on an 01. I know some of the guys here have had problems in the past. If the bike is only 2 months old your dealer should go to bat for you. LOL...


My dad's bike did this like 10 years ago. But in his case, he was experimenting with octane boost in pump gas, and dripped some of the stuff onto the tank. Not only did the juice stain the plastic, it cracked right down the middle of that drip stain...needless to say he was bummed bigtime. One new tank later, he's not running any super-juice anymore.

Did you put anything funky in the tank???

Just thought I'd ask since this sounded oddly familiar.



'99 WR400 with CA plates...ooooh yeah!!!

This topic has come up before on the YZ side, apparently it was a factory defect that Yamaha admitted to. In the search field, enter "do you smell gas?" and "cracked gas tank". Make sure you have YZ426 section selected in your search field.

my friend just cracked his tank right above the header on the bottom of the right side. don't know what caused it. jb weld didn't hold so he just bought a new clark stock cap. i told him it was his fat ass but he doesn't think so!

Good news Yamaha has decided to replace my tank free of charge(except stickers) eventhough the bike is out of warranty.Thanks to Kevin at cycle shack north.

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