Cold Starts

Hey guys has anyone removed the spring loaded choke flapper and had trouble cold starting their xr650rs below 50 degrees?

I have the choke flap on mine and the bike can be hard to start when cold. I can only picture it being worse when cold. Trick is to get at least ten swift kicks with the gas on, using the decompression lever and hold the kill switch. In colder weather typically a size up on the pilot is necessary. At least an adjustment of the fuel screw.

Well up until I removed the flapper It would always start no matter what within two kicks usually just one, mine is uncorked 68 pilot 178 main. I usually hold in the decompression lever and kick it over a half dozen times before starting just to get things moving, no kill switch or throttle just slow easy kicks, Ive never really read anything on adjusting the the fuel screw?

update: A buddy and I rode today and it was around 50 degrees and I held open the throttle with the decompression lever in and kick about 5 times and she fired right up! But it doesnt matter cause I ordered the choke plate from xrs only, and by the way the bikes kicked our asses today! just wasnt in the grove, last sunday though there was some serious riding!!

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