rim/tire setup

so i have a xr650l and would like to run some wider excel rims. but i don't like the price(who does right?) i really don't see the need for hubs and all that crazy stuff i just want to be able to ride a wider profile tire on the street with the 17inch wheel. lowest cost possible. can i just get new spokes and the outer rim and be done with it or is there more too it then that? what i am looking for is two sets of rims run my street tires during the week and whenever i trail ride i wil throw on my dot knobby rim and tires. so i am looking for a quick switching wheel set.

thats gonna cost you some major bling bling

this is what i was thinking... a set of dualsport tires only last me 2500 miles and a set of st bike tires will last me 10,000 so i figure it will kinda pay for itself in a roundabout way. i do go on the highway everytime on the way to work for about four miles so it will help there too.

200 for the rims

100 for spokes.

i can get like new race take off st bike tires for free

300 front and rear xr650l hub and rotors

50 extra rear sprocket

i think i can get the hubs and rotors for way cheaper on ebay or something but i want to get a worst case scenario. looks like 600 while a set of excel wheels already all done with hubs are like 900 plus the tires. so i am kinda on the fence if it would be worth the extra 300 to get the hubs and shit or if i can get it even cheaper for some reason that i am not paying attention to.

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