Baja Designs Rocks

The guys at Baja Designs, specifically Ben, have once again been there for me in an electrical repair crisis for one of my customers bikes, 94 XR 600 :applause: . Ben took the time to hand write a wiring diagram for me regarding the electrical problem and faxed it to me. He explained to me precisely what I needed to do where the guys at Electrex could not. Once again thank you Ben :ride: I really appreciate all your help.


I can't say enough about those guys either. They've warranteed parts for me no problem in the past and the customer service is always great.

I will second that good service also. They steared me in the right direction more than once.

You guys have missed the boat, check out they have the best setup.

My hid light quit working the first night lap, at the Glen helen 24 hr race. Baja Designs had it fixed in 5 min. Great support!!!

You guys have missed the boat, check out they have the best setup.

Already checked them out. Baja designs uses stock OEM Honda parts for their kits, can't beat that with a stick. I've seen guys with the Trick dual sport kits have the rear tail section get eaten up by the rear tires. My kit is quick realease too, on and off in 5 minutes tops. They will warranty even light bulbs, my ship set sail, don't worry. :applause:

OEM honda parts ?

They feed you some bull it that is the case.

The front headlight assembly and the rear fender ARE in fact Honda OEM parts. They are then taken and fitted with the dual sport parts. All the factory Honda stuffing and wrap came with my kit. Tell me one company that makes a decent rear fender for the Xr650? I've looked, nobobdy. Then tell me one company that gives you a rear fender with the Dualsport kit, besides Baja Designs? With an LED tailight and blinkers that are smooth fit out of the way, you can't beat it.

Take a look at the pic...proof is in the puddin'... :applause:


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