Leaded Gas Alternative in '84 XL600R

Hi all,

Just wondering if I should be running leaded gas alternative in my '84 Honda Xl600R. My Dad mentioned that it might be a good idea to make the valves last longer. But on the other hand, I've never seen or heard it recommended anywhere. Never even heard the issue brought up at all. Thoughts?

XL600Rguy :applause:

i dont see how it could really hurt it.....those bikes are plain old bullet proof, just keep the valves adjusted. you may want to put some substitute in but i dont know how much it could really help. it would only be like 50 cents a tank so it might be worth it.

I had an 83' (brand new) and found that it did run better on leaded premium but when that went away I just dealt with the hard starting. Then simply out of necessity, I put some jetski premix in my XL and found that the bike loved it. Started first kick every time, was way smoother, didnt run so hot, started easier when cold...it was like a damn cure all. I started carrying two stroke oil with me. Ive never been able to figure out why it ran sooooo much better on the premix than on straight gas. Mine was a california model that had some smog crap on it that I never bothered to try to defeat.

But for longevity, I dont think leaded fuel would do much for you. I sold my 83' XL to my uncle and he still rides it to this day. The thing has never had any work other than a valve adjustment. And it still runs fine. I think the thing has like 35,000 miles on it now. I put 20K on it in two years riding it back and fourth to work on unleaded gas with no problems.

Well I think I may try the leaded gas alternative, just to see if I even notice a difference. On the package I think it said that you only need to use it every 1500km or something like that. Once I get the throttle cable installed, and a few other things tweaked, I'll ride it around with normal unleaded premium in it to get a feel for it, then try the lead alternative stuff. It would be great if the lead alternative made it run smoother and cooler. I'll try to remember to post my results after I giver 'er a go. Cheers :applause:

I wouldnt expect too much out of the "alternative"...

most of those type additives really only had benefits in the pre- 'hardened valve seats' era ... roughly 1978 or so, and older, depending on make ... no gain on modern engines to my knowledge .. :applause:

Yeah I found some info on a british site talking about it, and they were saying its only for the really old stuff that it matters. As well, some of the lead additives can cause plug fouling and build up else where. I think I may just steer clear of the stuff afterall.

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