Ordered a new mikuni flat slide carb today

Ordered a mikuni flat slide today fromm XRs only. Hope fully this will be the last mod. I will do to the XRL. Any one out there with any advice? Im running the XRs only complete exaust system with the oval tail section. Uni air filter snorkel removed.

I put one on my 600R. Got it from XRsOnly. Installation was easy. My problem was they didn't ship it with the recommded jets. They asked me questions over the phone about elevation and intake/exhaust mods, and told me how they would set it up. When I got it, I just popped it in like they told me I could.

Later when I took the jets out to look (after the bike ran like crap) I saw that they didn't set it up at all.. (like they said they would). :applause: So take the bowl off and look before you put it on.

Luckily they did include a little packet of jets of misc sizes and directions so I got to fooling with it myself and it worked out fine. I was very happy w/ the carb in the end after it was set up right. The smooth throttle action was a major improvement over the OE Keihin. I imagine it will be a nice performance improvement over the CV carb on the L. Look for your gas mileage to go straight to hell though. :ride:

I see you live in Mass, so I'd presume you're aware of multiple closings of state forests and the minimal legal riding that we have left. Why run an exhaust that loud that basically has little to no real-feel power improvement? That's like a straight thru exhaust, loud as hell I'd imagine? Sorry to come across negatively but there are other pipes that will make good power and remain fairly quite(FMF Q etc.). If you're a woods rider, stealth is key. If you're just on the street with the bike then that's different I guess. Just my $.02.

Yea its fairly loud,but your right i'm not rideing in any of those forests, mostly on the street where most Harlys are louder. I would think that XRR would still have a good bark to it though.

Meets 96db requirements with the HRC tip. Also, with the bigger bikes you don't have to be on the topend all the time so the noise is kept though 60% of the time. However, it's not only the state forests that are in jeopardy but the private land that we all ride on(and probably shouldn't) are where the real complaints come from. "If a dirtbike is ridden through the woods and no one can here it, is it really there"?...just something to think about....out of site/ear range...out of mind.

when I purchased the pipe they said it was 96db. I dont know for sure.

For real? I thought the XR's pipe was full out race? Maybe they have a new one, haven't been there in a while. I was looking into the FMF Q just to lighten the ride a tad.

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