Fast Idle on my Wr 426 2002


I have an 02 wr426. It revs like crazy after I close the throttle before dropping back to idle. This is a real nuisance going downhill :applause:

I've been playing with my pilot screw and needle settings and the bike pulls just fine. Just this annoying (dangerous) throttle lag. Will the gray wire mod cure this? What will happen if I disconnect the tps?

Any help would be appreciated.


From an old Bultaco rider recently converted. (I really like this WR) :ride:

It sounds like you are lean on the pilot jet. Try winding out the pilot screw a bit more.

Any more than about 3 turns out, go to a bigger pilot jet.

The grey wire mod has nothing to do with this! It apparently advances the timing at full throttle yz style.

tps advances and retards timing regarding throttle position and engine load. Keep it connected.

Correct, too lean = hanging idle

Thanks for the ideas

I'll let you know if I can cure this with the pilot screw adjustment

Intake leak?

My 01 does the same thing. I just replaced my needle valve and seat cleaned carb and reinstalled. Now I hit the throttle and it revs high for about 4 to 5 seconds. Going to recheck the boots to make sure their tight (no air leaks).Might be throttle cables also. I,ll check back to see what you find. Good luck. Mike

I corrected my problem, wich was about the same, by cleaning the hot start mechanism..through time, dirt invaded, so it wasnt sealing properly

I have only just developed a similar problem.

I've had my 02 wr426 for more than two years now and its been perfect.

This morning I took it out for the first time in a month or so (its getting warmer here!) and mid way through the two-and-a-half hour ride i'd come to a stop and it would be idling high.

Would the same recommendations as have already been mentioned in this thread hold true if the problem has just started after two years of perfect running?

The strange thing was, if, at idle, I flexed the throttle a little past the normal stop point, it would idle down. But when I revved it again it would settle at est 1000 - 2000 revs higher. The throttle cables don't appear to be catching either, It snaps back nicely when I open the throttle.

I hate to mention this, but check the carb slider for cracks.

I am experiencing the same thing on my 2001 wr 426. I have the pilot adjusted to 2.5 turns. I am thinking it is a dirt problem, because i also drip fuel when i shut down.

how do you clean the hot start system?

I hate to mention this, but check the carb slider for cracks.

I know i'm looking for the easy way out of this, but I've got the carby off. If there are cracks in the slide, should I see them by opening and closing the throttle manually or do I have to dismantle it, which I'm not real confident in doing. For some reason adjusting valve clearances doesn't seem as intimidating as fiddling with the carby.

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