Fork oil too full from the factory?

I just had my left seal give up the ghost. It didn't leak, it pretty much poured the oil on the ground for me. :applause:

Either way, I tore down my fork (first time doing forks for me), cleaned up the inside, and then followed the instructions for setting the oil level.

The manual says, for an 05 WR450, that the factory setting is 128mm. I wanted it a little stiffer, so I did 115mm (range is 80 - 140 I think). Either way, I set the level, drop in the spring, and put it together.

I take the other fork apart, and take out the spring, and I should have to add fluid to make this one the same level as the other, since factory is set to 128mm... Well, I had to remove approximately 20mm of fluid to get this guy set to 115. I did the level like the manual said: Remove spring, collapse the fork all the way down, and measure from the top. I used one of those nifty syringe leveler thingies to get a good, accurate measurement.

Has anyone else had Yamaha put this much fluid in their front forks from the factory? I'm wondering if perhaps there was too much fluid in my left fork, which caused the seal to die. The forks feel a lot squishier now that I have it set to 115. The rebound adjusters up top were set to 8 clicks out too, which is not what the manual says they should be either.

Also, how exactly does the rebound and compression settings work? If I set my rebound more clockwise, that makes it spring back faster, correct? What about compression? I've never adjusted either when I got the bike.

Thanks all,


It sounds like your dealer is very lazy. They are the ones that do all the fluids.

i wouldn't trust my lawn mower maintenance to the service dept. i get my bikes from,great prices BUT.... you get the picture.

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