XR650R rear wheel spacer

Hi i just put on a Scotts sharkfin very bling. as i was admiring it i noticed that when i spun the rear wheel the spacer (butted against the swingarm) spins. as i had not noticed this before i am concerned whether it is supposed to. if so would it not wear the spacer down quickly against the swingarm. i assume that is why there is a metal plate screwed to the swingarm at that point.

The spacer (If I'm talking about what you are..) is supposed to be butted agains t the swingarm snugly. It provides a spacer between the wheel bearings and the swingarm.

Is your axle bolt tight enough?

the swingarm bolt is tight. the spacer on the caliper (right side) is spinning against the Scotts sharkfin i installed. surely this will wear down the sharkfin or spacer and generate alot of heat

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