just got a 2003 WR450f

Just got a 03 WR450F from my brother. Am sending the suspension off this week (definitely needs new springs and a fork seal.

1. Should I go ahead and convert the starter mechanism to 04? is it worth it.

2. How much of a pain is it to check/reshim the valves?

3. Best tires for southeast woods? Been running S12's on my brp (xr650r).

4. Best triple clamp to move the bars up and forward (not the adapter - am still thinking about that one). About 6'3" What bend on the bars do you all recommend. Am also going to do the peg mod for more space.



Valve check is easy. If you have to reshim it's a little more time but can be done

in an hour and bit if you have the right replacement shims.

Try the Maxxis SI front with the IT rear. Best bang for the bucks.

the S 12's will work great on the 450. Are you happy with their performance on the 650?

RE 1: I haven't done it yet, but I think it is worth it. It's a case of better safe than sorry. There were a bunch of recent threads on this and most say it is worth. I'll be doing it this winter.

RE 2 & 3: Same as Bamster.

RE 4: I'm 6'1" and went with the Pro Taper Rubber Mount adjustable triple clamp with the standard riser and run it in the most forward position with a set of Pastrana FMX bars (highest Pro Taper bars available - 121mm with little pullback) and lowered stock pegs and really like the position. The only problem with this setup is:

- The Pro Taper clamps are for a YZ, so you have to make a bracket for the Odo/switch/light or use Zip-ties.

- If you want to run a steering damper, you need to get the adapter plate/mount from Tucker Rocky because of the angle of the bolts of Pro Taper risers and the fact that the clamp is adjustable, you need to be able to move the damper to properly install it.

- If you want triple clamp mounts for your handguards, you need to fabricate your own since the Pro Tapers have the clamp pinch bolts in the front and have have three bolts, while most triple clamp mount brackets are made for two pinch bolts.

In any case, if you are interested, I have a Pro Taper P3 Clamp for the '03 YZ that will fit your bike brand new in the box. Make me an offer. I think the P3 clamp (non rubber mounted) can be adjusted further forward than the rubber mounted clamp that I have.

I would go for taller seat foam before lowering the pegs. Lowering the pegs puts your piggies closer to harm.

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