Oil Changing aid.

Hey Folks,

I seem to remember a device to aid in draning the XR650R oil here. A sort of directional funnel so as not to drip a bunch of oil in the skid plate. Anyone got a link or info to this aid?



i just take the skid plate off and let it drip on the frame then wipe up

I just let it make a mess and hit it with some of that Spectro Metal parts cleaner. Works like a charm. However, the Billy Who funnel is what you want. Thumpertalk carries them in their store.

Thanx for the input Guys.

a cheaper way is to fashion one of those man funnels out of aluminium foil and tape it on then throw it away. I have not tried it but i heard about it in one fo theese forums :applause:

Thanks withers, that's a great idea!

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