07 Wr 450

Well, I see your inference, but I don't think it's such a direct relationship. The superior geometry comes from the engineered design and the ease of manufacturing, once the mold is produced, comes from the fact that it is cast. The casting process, in and of itself, does not produce a superior design.

Agreed. :thumbsup::thumbsup:


Damn! Sign me up! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

I can't wait 'till they get rid of that cheezy solid blue color and offer a black and yellow WR!

imdickie, didn't mean to disrespect you at all. But you have to agree even a bike set up for MX/SX for a 160 lb rider has much harsher suspension than a bike set up for offroad for a 200 lb rider. Generally your not going to get a set up that will cover the differance between 200 - 240 lbs. That is a big differance.

I didn't take any offense. I am pretty thick skinned. My point was that from my experience I feel as though I can tell the difference in set ups and for me steel frames are better off-road then Al, but in MX it is reversed.

You know when got my bike back from the suspension shop and they geve me the piece of paper about the weight I was a little taken aback as well. They said the try to dial it right in the middle at 220lbs so the rider can go up or down. Since I weight 219lbs it is fine for me.

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