Help: Crankcase Oil Bolt Stripped! F#$% Me!

SFO - sorry to hear that - glad I didn't use it! I probably would have if not for the fact that the parts guy assured me that it this info came from the manufacturer. At least he was on the ball enough to let me know!

Nice to see that the world of stripped bolts has plenty of members besides me!! Anyway, I also have used one of these (attempting fancy html pic-link below), they work great on frigged up studs and would probably be perfect on a wasted drain plug. You can drive it from quite a distance with an extension and can work in places you can't get the pipe wrench into. Also, wouldn't it be a bit scary whackin an impact on something stuck in magnesium cases???

<img src=>

<it worked...>



'99 WR400 with CA plates...ooooh yeah!!!

[This message has been edited by big_G (edited August 28, 2001).]

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