Valve Adjustment 2001 650R

Followed Mike Hobbs off article. Bringing up to TDC "F" mark after rotating +3 times CCW, piston on top. Rocker arms still tight. Repeated several times with same result. This was supposed to be just a maintenance check as the bike was running great and started fine, no funny noises. Are the valves too tight and need adjusting? Dont want to fool with it if there is something I'm missing. Bike doesnt have very many miles and as far as I know they have never been adjusted. Any ideas?

when in doubt, adjust them.

It's pretty painless.

tight valves are not good.

Get em in spec pronto (2001?... :applause: )

T-Mark not F!! Timing mark. I put mine right on the edge of the T. The rockers should have a tad bit of play in them. You want Top dead center on the compression storke. You'll see the valves go down(Intake), then the piston will come back up(she might girgle a bit) look at the marks they should be coming right up. IF you go past the mark do the rotations again, don't go back. Pull your plug, it will make the turning easier, too easy sometimes.

I looked at Hobbs instructions again and have used them in the past. I don,t see anything you are missing, other than it's the "T" mark. The intakes rockers should move up as the crank rotates CCW and then be a little loose if you grab the rocker and move it by hand, they should be able to move due to the clearance.

If you have no clearance the valves need to be adjusted. Follow the rest of Hobbs instructions.

Just an FYI contribution, also a 2001 650R.

Checked mine last Monday, at a 500 mile interval.

One intake valve was a tight .005" (low side of tolerance)

One exhaust valve was a semi-tight .009" (high side of tolerance).

The others were perfect. Now they are all perfect.

My mistake, I was using the "T" mark. The exaust and intake can be both adjusted in this position? Appreciate the advice. Just seemed wierd that after all these rides the valves wouldnt have loosened up. Plus, it's running great.

valve clearance can change in a few ways:

The cam can wear, rockers can wear, tips can wear (increasing clearance)

The valve can recede into the head, or wear (decreasing clearance)

Kind of depends on what's happening in there.

It's like science or something. :applause:

My mistake, I was using the "T" mark. The exaust and intake can be both adjusted in this position?

Yes sir, :applause:

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