05 450

I just got a 05 yz450 and I was wondering how much oil you put in it when you change the oil and filter. I herd 1.5 is this true?? thanks

Did you get a manual with it?

1.1 quarts is plenty, but I would put in a quart, start it up for a few minutes and check the quantity.

If you don't have a manual with it, then get one. VERY good info.....

No I didnt but Im going to get one. I put like 1.4 in because I wasn't sure now I know for next time. I execpt it to run a little sluggish becuase of that. Thanks

Get a Billy Who fill bottle

and for a 05 WR/YZF 450 its 1.00 for a periodic change of oil and for the oil and filter it is 1.10

The manual says 1.1 litres when changing the oil filter but I find that 1 litre neat is enough for mine but then I am using a stainless steel filter which I clean every oil chainge.

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