Need some input and advice

Hi Folks,

Earlier this month I registered with TT and was "eagerly awaiting the purchase of a WR426". Well, my street bike has not sold so I am still eagerly awaiting.

I have a few questions:

1. What are the differences between the 02 WR and the 01 WR?

2. Should I hold out for the 02 or get the 01 - (should be little to no price difference at the dealer.)

3. When are they coming out?

Thanks for the help. I am beginning to think that listening to all your riding stories is the only thing keeping me sane...can't focus...keep dreaming...Yamaha...ZZZ...WR...ZZZ...grey wire...

[This message has been edited by Pooley (edited August 27, 2001).]

I am unaware of the differences between the two models but if you can get an 02 for the same price I would go with that mainly because of resale. Eric


98 WR400 "Strokerized"

97 EXC400

93 RMX250

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