Power of 426

Can anyone with experience with a cr500 and a yz426 tell me the problems between the two and if the cr500 has considerably more power. Thanks again everyone.


No real problems with reliability on either bike. Maintenance is always key no matter what you ride. Yes the CR500 has considerably more power but very few other than Yoda can use it...

I just ride off road like just screwing around the hills and dunes. I wanted a really powerful bike and still wanted a 2 stroke beause I feel more comfortable on them. I like to be different and because I am not racing I really like the cr500. Also what is the 500AF? Thanks.


The 500AF is a CR500 with an aluminum frame hence the "AF". Some people with serious fabricating experiance can take a CR250 frame and stuff a CR500 motor into it. The others that cant do that go to http://www.servicehonda.com/cr500af05.html and buy one from service honda. There is nothing that can beat a dialed in 500 2 stroke. But if you didnt want to do that seeing as they do have really crazy vibration (sat on one with the motor running once) enough to kinda cause problems with the plumbing, if you know what I mean, then you would do fine on a 450 or 426. I just got my '03 YZ450F and I came off a '00 KX125. It was a bit of a handful at first, but I just went to one of the less technical places to ride and It can be surprisingly easy to ride. One more thing, I bought my '03 for $2850 and it was in absolutely PERFECT condition, and he gave me a good $300-$400 worth of stuff to go with it. So 3k is way too much for that bike.

Ya i know what you mean. I mean I love the powerband of the 2 stroke and I would love to keep it its just I hate having to always go back for more gas. If I would buy a bigger tank for a 2 stroke then I think I would love them. I am thinkin bout between the yz250 prob in the mid 90's or a cr500 prob in the upper 80's or 90's. What do you all think of that I mean everyone I talk to is basically telling me crazy and I am jsut really hardheaded but I would rather get the cr500. I also heard they are hard to start can anyone relate to this? Thanks.


A friend has a KDX500, he hasn't mentioned any starting problems. My 500cc Yankee used to fire both pistons at once, and that WAS a pain to get started, unless everything was working just right. On a 30+ year old bike, that usually isn't the case, so now the bike fires at a 180 degree offset, and it starts real easy.

Go with the 426, you'll be able to concentrate on other more important things than the bike, such as just going riding, and not having to wrench the bike as much. Come time to sell, the 426 will move 100% easier than a CR500, there are likely less than a dozen of them in the country, not exactly a lively resale market.

I agree, I have had them both and I still have the 426. I am a small guy and love power. The cr500 was a good bike but wow did that thing vibrate. It is still a 2 stroke and it still had to be shifted unlike the 426. The 426 can be lugged around and then blip the throttle and there is power. The cr still loads up and you constantly have to rev it, replace pistons, replace plugs, and jet it. And they are filthy with the 2 stroke oil spitting out everywhere like they are dieing. The 426 has been the best all around bike I have ever had. They are bullet proof. It was my deciding factor on the new wr450 I got on Friday. I have the 426 for sale in that ad that someone posted in this thread in the recycler. (small world) You really can't go wrong with the 4 strokes. You might even consider a yz250f since you came of a 125. In regards to price, I live in southern ca. and $3000 is resonable if it is really clean. I picked mine up for $2900 in the off season. But looking at what everyone wants for theirs they all look a little steep on the price.


you can not compare the 2 bikes, the xr is like ridding in quick sand, strap on your brass balls and have some fun if its a good bike pay the 3000.00 and have fun


I went form an '00 XR 400 to an '02 YZ 426F and it is night and day. Yes the 426 is heavier than the latest and greatest but I truyl love the power and reliability of my 426. I have raced my YZ and rode hours of practice time with it and the bike keeps making me happy. I am eyeing a KTM 300 XC but I keep comming back to my 426. I had a layoff from June through this month due to 2 surgeries and a lengthy hospital stay. I checked the valves, cleaned the carburetor and checked every nut and bolt last week. First kick she fired off and ran like a top.

Maintenance has been oil changes and filter cleanings at 2 hour intervals with oil filters changed at 6 hours. I check tha valves every 15 hours (I just found that to be a comfortable interval for me) and replaced the piston and rings in July 2003 after a particularly strong racing period as a precaution. Cam chain and valves are still spot on. I am sold on my 426. If I could shed around 10 pounds I'd probably never consider anything else. :applause:

Bill :ride:

I would say the difference is a big margin. Especially if compared to a bored XR250. After riding my 426, a 250 2 or 4-Stroke just doesn't cut it for me. I used to ride both RM's and CR 250's.

3K sounds high. The going rate I have seen for an 01 426 is around 2000-2300. I would honestly look for a newer 250 or even a 450F - or see if you can get him down to around 2300 or less.

The 426 is still a great reliable bike but in all honesty, coming off a 125, I think its going to be a little heavy and hard for you to handle. I would definitely ride it 1st if you haven't to see for yourself.

Hope this helps.

nah i came off a cr 80 onto a yz 426 and it felt absolutely awesome

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